California Delta

A unique agricultural hub of Northern California, we’re proud to call the Delta home for Pressley Vineyards. Located along the Sacramento River, the Delta provides a cool temperate climate that’s ideal for growing truly great wine grapes for our Pinot Noir and Albariño.

McCormack Ranch

Nestled in the rolling Montezuma Hills south of Rio Vista, McCormack Ranch is located on the Sacramento River. Our vineyard benefits from naturally cool winds that come west through the Carquinez Strait and help regulate vine growth.


The vineyard’s soils are Valdez series which have been developed from years of alluvium buildup from the Sacramento River flooding over its banks and settling silt loamy soils. These soils provide rich nutrients for our vines.


The vineyard’s location and microclimate on McCormack Ranch make for the perfect Pinot Noir growing conditions. The flavors and medium-bodied characteristics of Pinot Noir make it one of our favorite varietals.

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A light bodied wine, our Albariño is refreshing and crisp. Native to the Iberian peninsula, this varietal thrives in our vineyard which receives the perfect amount of moisture and cool breezes – climate similar to its European origins.

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