From Roots to Shoots

Established in 2016, we are a husband and wife team, that founded, own and operate Pressley Vineyards. Accompanied by our two incredible boys, Tommy and James, our mission is to marry our family’s California Delta heritage with the next generation of wine-making to create quality wines that celebrate everyday.


– Charlie and Brittany Hamilton

The Brand

Handcrafted and personal, the Pressley Vineyards brand was inspired by the love shared between owners, Charlie and Brittany and their families’ rich agricultural histories. A family name, Pressley has been passed down generations and carries on as Charlie’s middle name.

The brand incorporates actual elements from old, historical family documents such as love letters and certificates. The monogram is a perfect dance between Charlie and Brittany’s personalities and strengths – the intricate script P represents romance and sophistication while the V represents the down-to-earth, farming side of the business – and how the Pressley Vineyards story began in the vineyard.

Brittany Hamilton

Brittany Hamilton

Brittany was born and raised in St. Helena, California where her love for the wine industry began. She learned to make wine from her mom at an early age, and from that first winemaking experience, a love affair began. Brittany is a Sales Representative in the wine industry by day and a farmer’s wife, bookkeeper, secretary, and Charlie’s right-hand lady for all things Pressley Vineyards. Brittany graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Fruit Science in 2012. Brittany knew she wanted to start Pressley Vineyards from the moment she started making wine with her family at a young age.

Owner, Marketing & Sales
Charlie Hamilton

Charlie Hamilton

Charlie was born and raised in Rio Vista, California and is the 5th generation to grow up in his family’s farmhouse on the ranch. Charlie is a Vineyard Manager by day, and viticulturist for Pressley Vineyards in the early mornings, nights, and weekends. Charlie graduated from Cal Poly in 2012 with a degree in Agribusiness, and minors in both Plant Protection and Crop Science. Charlie knew he wanted to start Pressley Vineyards when he and Brittany first started dating and she brought him to her hometown of Napa Valley. Fun Fact: our name, Pressley Vineyards comes from Charlie’s middle name. Pressley is an old family name that pays homage to Charlie’s grandfather Burrows Pressley Hamilton.

Owner, Farmer & Viticulturist

Meet Moose

We believe that no team is complete without a vineyard/winery dog, and Moose is ours! Moose was a 15-year-old lab mix that Brittany adopted when he was just six weeks old, and she was a freshman in college. It was love at first sight! Moose and Brittany have essentially grown up together. Moose met Charlie when he was three years old, and while initially, it took them both a bit to warm up, because Moose liked having his mom all to himself, but eventually they became best buds. Moose loved to check the vineyards with his Dad or take long naps with his Mom while she works in the office. In October 2022 after 15 years of companionship, loyalty and love we said good bye to Moose, he is greatly missed.