Winter Grazing in McCormack Ranch Vineyard

We have shared our commitment to farm sustainably, and our passion for being good keepers of the land. Our roots run long and deep raising sheep in the Montezuma Hills. It was important for us to implement our families heritage into our farming practices.

It is has been our goal to implement winter grazing as a form of vegetation management… read… (weed control)! Since the beginning of farming McCormack Vineyards, and this year we were able to do just that! Last week we were able to bring in about 500 head of sheep to graze down the vineyard floor. By doing so the sheep helped us manage the vegetation in and around the vineyard while reducing the need for mechanical mowing. The sheep also convert the grass into manure, helping to fertilize the soil and vines for the upcoming season. The use of sheep also improves the soils ability to capture carbon while reducing atmospheric carbon emissions.

We are always striving to put our “Roots to Shoots” mantra to use, and it was a fun experience to see things come full circle and have the sheep in the vineyard.

If you have any questions about the sheep grazing the vineyard please reach out! [email protected]