Harvest Prep 2023

August 8, 2023

“What does prepping for harvest consist of?”

At Pressley Vineyards, we get this question often, most people have some knowledge of what harvesting consists of, but many are unaware of all that goes into getting ready for the grapes to be picked. Read on for an inside look at what harvest prep looks like at Pressley Vineyards.

The Timing

Harvest prep usually star

ts for us right after the 4th

of July. However, this year we have had an unusually cooler summer so we are just starting our harvest prep in early August. Our vineyard has what is considered early varieties, meaning they are picked earlier in the harvest season. In the weeks before harvest we start sugar sampling weekly, and doing cluster weights. Sugar sampling allows us to know how much sugar is in the grapes so we can be sure to hit our optimal picking window. Cluster weights allow us to get an estimate of how large our crop is. Knowing how big your crop is helps create a picking schedule, often several nightly picks over many days or weeks and how many loads will be picked nightly. Additionally, we go through the vineyard trimming excess vines to the get the canopy out of the way and make the grapes more accessible. We also make sure to do equipment checks and servicing on all equipment to be used such as the tractors, trailers, and lighting.

In the days leading up to harvest we wash and prep all harvest bins, we irrigate the vines, and dry down the soil in the rows and around the vineyard to minimize dust and keep the freshly prepped and cleaned harvest bins clean! Lastly, we prep the loading zone which is where the trucks park to receive the loads and haul them to the winery!

What’s Next!

Harvest! We are anticipating a later harvest this year, currently we are projecting being 16-18 days behind our starting harvest date last year. We are excited for our 2023 vintage, check out the photos below for a visual of what harvest prep looks like!

Have questions about Harvest prep? We love hearing from you! You can email us directly here!