Bud Break- 2023

April 12, 2023

Spring has arrived and with it so has bud break! This is one of our favorite times of the year, as it signifies the official start of a new season! Not to mention it is absolutely beautiful! Read on to learn a little more about bud break!

Why it’s Important

Outside of harvest, bud break is the busiest season in the vineyard. Prior to bud break, it is common practice to prune the vines. When pruning, the vines will “bleed” which is the first sign of the vines waking up from dormancy, and bud break is right around the corner. “Bleeding” refers to the vines priming its system for the upcoming season. Bud break is the vines initiation of new tissue. This new tissue will become the shoots and future clusters of the future crop.

2023 Bud Break

Unlike last season, we had a very wet winter, and rain was plentiful. With plenty of rain our soil moisture levels are well above adequate and bud break was even throughout the vineyard. We hope to hold off irrigating until at least May or June.  An even bud break ensures even maturity of the fruit come harvest time. We are also in the process of implementing our fungicide program for the 2023 season to prevent fungal infections from things such as powdery mildew. And we brought 1800 head of sheep into the vineyard to graze down the winter cover crop. We love the arrival of bud break. It signifies the arrival of the new season.

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