Harvest 2021

October 4, 2021

“How did harvest go this year?”

At Pressley Vineyards, we get this question annually, this was our 5th harvest for Pressley Vineyards and the pride and satisfaction that comes with completing another season never gets old.

The Timing

Harvest arrived earlier than normal this year. We harvested our first vintage of Estate grown Albarino and our 5th vintage of Pressley Vineyards Estate Rose the first week of August. Our Pinot Noir was harvested a quick two and a half weeks later, making this the second year in a row that we completed harvest prior to Labor Day.

One of our favorite things about each harvest is there are never two harvests that are the same. Each year brings something new for us to learn from with its own unique set of challenges. What were this year’s challenges you ask? Coordinating harvesting both our Albarino and Rose simultaneously!

What’s Next!

With the completion of harvest, we are now focusing on post-harvest management. This has included bringing the sheep back into the vineyard to clean up the vineyard floor in preparation for winter. We will also irrigate to refill the soil profile, we will apply fertilizer to the vines and plant our cover crop to set into motion a conducive growing environment for our 2022 crop! The vines will now prepare to go into dormancy until bud break beings in the spring!

Have questions about Harvest 2021, feel free to ask any questions. We love hearing from you! You can email us directly here!